Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Adventures

What a fun halloween we had!  Julia dressed up as a bunny and Emma was Cinderella and then we headed out for some trick or treating fun.  This year there was snow on the ground - our first white halloween! - but much of it had melted and the weather was in the high 40s so it turned out to be a nice night for the children.

Our neighborhood is filled with children and all the kids on our block huddled up for a photo before heading out to trick or treat in our large group.  They were so excited running door to door for candy and mostly remembered their manners.  A handful of houses had haunted porches and the kids just loved it!  I thought Julia would be scared but she held her own in the group and had a ball.  Emma was thrilled to see all the children running around and not as interested in the candy gathering as last year.  I forgot to bring her iPad programmed with Trick or Treat (like we did last year) and I considered going back to get it but decided against it - with so much action, lights, and kids there was no way that Emma would even look at her iPad let alone use it to say Trick or Treat.

Our candy bags overflowed with all kids of goodies.  I think it must weigh 5 pounds.  Tonight we'll go through it and select some to keep and then donate the rest.

Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

oyoplLoved this blog. The children really looked wonderful in their various costumes. Our girls looked real cute. So glad they had so much fun.

Luv - the #MiMom