Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Santa

Julia is very excited about Christmas this year.  She has seen some commercials on tv that really caught her attention - this is new because she has not watched tv with commercials until very recently.  She heard about Moxie Girlz on tv and hasn't stopped talking about them.  It helps that they have a bajillion commercials during her favorite show, Horseland, to market directly to the little ones.  I thought I'd share her letter to Santa this year as I just love it!

I love how she remembered that Santa eats the cookies and milk we leave out for him.  We haven't talked about that at all this year so she remembers it from the last few years.  Also, when she was writing this she asked me is that all? after she talked about the cookies.  She didn't want to have any more small talk with Santa and wanted to get right down to the details of what she wants.  After she wrote Love Julia she decided she needed to tell him that she has been a good girl so she wrote it in above her name.  At this age she isn't concerned about having all her words go in a line so she finished out her sentence by putting Good Girl on top of the I've been a.  She added a heart, flower, and some special santa symbols for him.  Love this letter!  I love how she wrote it herself and only had to ask me for some of the spelling.  My girl is growing up.  She even used a period after the word cookies.  She is very excited to put this in the mail to him and I just had to capture it for me before it's sent off to Santa!

Julia wanted Emma to write her letter to Santa tonight, but we are leaving that for another night.  Looking forward to Emma's letter.  I have to figure out how to go about writing one for her.

Tis the season!  Let the fun begin!

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