Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks

In honor of Thanksgiving, this week I'm going {to try} to post each day on things for which I am thankful.

Today I am Thankful for:

  • A healthy finish for Chris' marathon yesterday.  Two people died in the Philadelphia marathon and I can't stop thinking and praying about that.  I'm so thankful that Chris met his goal of completing his second marathon this year and I'm also thankful that he is taking a bit of a break before planning another one ;-)  Which leads me to.....
  • I'm thankful for lazy Saturday mornings with my family.  Sleeping in, hot breakfasts, pumpkin coffee, playing in PJs = weekend bliss!
  • Our family.  The love and support they give us is amazing.  We are so blessed!
  • Being a stay at home Mom.  Every day is a challenge.  Every day is different.  I can't remember the last day I "stayed at home."  I am so thankful that I'm getting this time to love, nurture, and spend quality time with my children.  We are all better for having this time together.  
  • Our new home that fits our life right now.  The schools the girls attend.  The progress we are seeing with Emma's communication and the self-confidence we are see in Julia.  
More tomorrow.....

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