Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been thinking of my theme for this year - Faith.  Faith that all things are possible.  Faith that I am exactly where I am supposed to be on my life journey.  With a little over 7 weeks (yikes!) left in the year and with Thanksgiving coming up, my mind is spending some time reflecting on this year and I find myself often coming back to my theme of Faith.

I have to confess that there were parts of this year when I didn't always kept the faith.  I wasn't sure that Emma would make as much progress as she has.  I wasn't sure she would ever give a consistent Yes/No response.  I wasn't sure she would participate in her new school program, that she wold make gains in her communication skills, or that she would figure out a way to walk in her KidWalk again after her growth spurt.  I tried to keep the faith that she would make all these goals, I really tried, but sometimes my mind would just not stay on board.  And I would worry.  Of course I wouldn't let anyone know that I had anything but 100% confidence in Emma, but silently I sometimes felt a little bit of doubt and then I'd feel some guilt at my doubt.  And then I'd notice a few new gray hairs and knew any worrying just wasn't a good idea ;-) and that I had to come up with a plan of action, because nothing comforts me better than a well composed plan of action!

It sometimes took the additional gray hair to remind myself that the theme I chose for this year is Faith and my plan of action was usually to practice it more, flex my Faith muscle so to speak.  Over this year there were times when my faith was at a high and others when it was at a low.  I think this is normal for me and actually think it's probably normal for most people.

I know that I've come a long way on my Faith journey this year.  I rarely need to "borrow" faith from others these days.  I spend most of my time believing that all things are possible and that I am spiritually and mindfully exactly where I am supposed to be on any given day.  At this time of Thanksgiving, I have so very much for which I'm thankful.  And I have Faith in what the future holds.

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Anonymous said...

Good girl. Love your transition.