Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A week of Thanks day 2

At dinner tonight we talked about what we are thankful for:  

  • Chris is thankful for our health
  • I am thankful that today was the last day of school/work for Julia and Chris and now we are all off and plan to spend a lot of time together
  • Julia wanted to know why she is going last but said she is thankful that we are getting to spend Thanksgiving dinner with her "whole" family.  I mean whole family.  Like, everyone is coming here.
  • Emma was in an ornery mood and decided to whine through the conversation.  I know she is thankful for a lot, but I think she would have been more thankful if we called dinner over and put her down to bed.  
I suggested we take a movie of us all talking about what we are thankful for so I could post it on her tonight.  I had no takers.  Emma even cried at the suggestion.  Maybe I'll suggest it again tomorrow only time it much earlier in the day.  

I am also thankful for cars that work, hide and go seek giggles to end the night, and girl nights.  

Tonight me and Julia are having a girls night.  I'm about to bring our tea up into my room so we can snuggle in and watch the Dancing with the Stars finale before we settled into bed.  Chris agreed to spend the night in Julia's room so we can have a full on girls night.  This is a better set-up than our last girls night when I slept in her twin bed with her.  I am thankful for a great husband who is swapping beds with Julia for our girls night so my back won't hurt for another week after our girls' night.  

Until tomorrow....

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