Monday, April 4, 2011

A Tribute to Finney

Emma and Finnegan are the best of buddies.

Emma loves to walk.  Her favorite destinations are the glass patio door and wherever Finnegan is.

Finnegan used to move out of Emma's way, but the newness of Emma's walking has worn off.  
Now Finney just digs on in when Emma comes over to her and tries to walk over her.

Finnegan is not a bit worried of Emma stepping all over her.  
In fact, she just lays her head down and sighs.
Emma thinks this is very funny.   
So do I.

The end.

5 Comments from readers:

Laura said...

Too cute. How did you get Emma from the more seated position with legs forward to a more upright walking position (like in the video you posted awhile back). Cody can move his when he wants but it takes huge motivation for him to trigger his extension and stand/step and so much of the time he still pushes it backwards. Do you have the accessory to prevent it from going backwards? We haven't added it yet because the DME says it creates drag and only stops about 60% backwards movement. Any tips?? Maybe we need a dog for motivation....haha

Kristina said...

@Laura - I didn't even know they had a part that stops the backwards movement! I have asked about it and our PT said it doesn't have one. Oh, well, glad we didn't get it because we were able to get Emma going in it anyways.

We find that in her sneakers only, no braces, she manages to move backwards much more. In her braces and the crocs she doesn't push herself back much - I think she has more support and can manage standing in it better. I also adjusted the top "harness". That made a big difference! I made it so the top harness is about an inch or a bit more away from her chest. So she can rest her body forward a bit more. When it was flush with her chest and she pushed herself back she had no way to thrust herself forward again to get in an upright position. You get me? It's hard to explain. We keep the hip "harness" flush with her hips, it's only the chest part that is further forward. Made a HUGE difference in her mobility. Also, we do have the trainer still on a bit of a forward tilt but have been raising it up to a more upright position and Emma is doing well with it.

Try the chest harness loosening. If you need me to, I can get a video of Emma's and send it to you. Let me know because I could explain it better on video than here!

Oh and the dog is the biggest motivator in our house for Emma. I highly recommend one! I don't think we'll ever be without :-)

Sherry C said...

Hi it's my first time here. Nice blog you have. Great photos of your girl and pup too cute. I love the walker and her determination to walk over her pup.

Angela said...

Ever thought of training Finney to be Emma's service dog?? Just curious

JNR said...

The improvement in Emma's neck strength just blows me away. She is doing so well. Congratulations to Emma!!