Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movies and health care musings

If there is a {fluffy} romantic comedy or feel good movie you could probably bet that I'm interested in watching it.  The last few years I've found guilty pleasure in escaping the everyday realities of life for some good fluff.  Besides the brief, but emotional, investment in Band of Brothers we watched over Christmas, I haven't been interested in watching much else besides the fluff.

This wasn't always the case.  I took a documentary film class in college - Senior year elective that I thought would be a cake walk but wasn't - and kind of fell hard for good and even mediocre documentaries.  The past few years, though, I've been snubbing documentaries and even avoided attending positively reviewed shows at our local film festivals.  But this couldn't last forever and our Netflix cue seems chock full of documentaries (that I must have loaded one day when Chris let me loose to update our cue) based on what they've been sending us lately.  King Corn, Enron, all things Michael Moore - Chris keeps talking about reviewing the cue to throw in some action and adventure movies because he has been avoiding watching the Michael Moore disks that show up.

Last week I watched Sicko.  If you can overlook some of the corny narration it is a very interesting look at our health care system.  Is it one sided?  Probably.  Is it thought provoking?  Definitely.

I was at Easter mass and had a flashback to a portion of Sicko and a portion of What Would You Do? (the show where they put actors in situations to see how real bystanders react).  I just kept thinking to myself that Jesus died on the cross for us and what his request to us was to love one another.  Seems like a fair trade for the promise of eternal life, right?  I wondered how good we are doing at the love one another request when in the USA, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, we continuously argue over covering basic medical care for our people and feeding our poor.  Really?  What the heck is our problem?

I'm not going to fire myself up this late at night, but suffice it to say that I've acquired gray hair and I've learned a LOT over the last 3 years about health coverage, health insurance, and how coverage for our disabled children varies greatly based on both your insurance plan and the state where you live.  I can be a bit dramatic, but I mentioned to Chris the other day that I think our country has a "caste" system when it comes to health insurance.

And I began to feel a stronger call to action on keeping the budget intact for the disabled children.

And I think after reading this post Chris will feel a stronger call to action to review our Netflix cue.

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