Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breaking News

Psssstttt.....notice anything different about me?


How about now?

Yes, my tooth finally came out!  You can even see the new tooth because it poked through my gums already!  I was so excited when it came out and rushed to get my tooth pouch and light that came in my tooth fairy book kit.  That way, the tooth fairy would pay me a visit.  I put the tooth in the pouch and placed it under my pillow, turned the light on and left it next to my bed and this morning when I woke up I found $5 in the pouch where I put my tooth.  Mom and Dad told me the tooth fairy leaves more money for the first tooth than the other teeth, but I was so very excited to see that she came!  I'm saving money for a Barbie doll house and I've added my tooth fairy money to my savings.  And I love to show off my missing tooth so next time you see me ask about it - that is if I don't run up to you and tell you all about it right away!

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