Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Fix

I'm still playing with my camera these days, but not getting as much time to do some editing.  The good news is that I'm starting to learn more about my setting to take better photos that need less editing, the bad news is that I have a load of photos that are less than ideal for sharing with you that helped me learn this - funny how that happened :-)

I had Emma in pig tails the other day.  I adore seeing her in pig tails!  And without a hat.  The hat is necessary to keep her CIs on most days as the magnets just fall off her head, but she's getting better at holding her head up so we use the hat at home less and less.  And that means I can put in some cute pig tails even though she hates when I fuss with her hair!  I decided I need to share her amazing cuteness in pig tails here for everyone to enjoy.

Emma still likes to swing on her Wingbo and loves to look at all our photos on her door as she swings by it.  Julia took all the photos from our Christmas cards and covered them with contact paper and then we posted them on the girl's room door and they both look at the photos a lot and Julia usually comments on one or the other most days.  I got this idea from a friend and think we will do it every year because I just love looking at all the Christmas photos and can't bring myself to recycle them at the end of the season.

In other news, Julia has decided that she likes getting her photo taken again after a bout of telling me "that's enough" every time I turned my camera on her.  It seems that she likes to pose a bit and I've learned that the area above our steps is a horrible place to get good exposure for photos without a flash regardless of how bright it is outside.  I'll have to change her favorite location for me to take pictures because some of them would be really cute if I could get good lighting and better focus and no amount of photo editing makes them look that good.  In the meantime I'm enjoying taking photos of her going about her business of play outside (photos to come later) where we are spending more and more of our time.  The warmer weather is a welcome friend here!

2 Comments from readers:

JNR said...

Two gorgeous girls you have.

Angela said...

Emma is just so cute in her pig tails!

I think we should hide Julia from the boys starting now :)