Friday, April 1, 2011

A glimpse into our day

Julia seems to age by the moment.  Right now she is anxiously awaiting a rite of passage - the loss of her first tooth.  It is a bottom tooth that is holding on by a mere thread.  I think it might come out before the weekend is over so I had her give me a great big smile and snapped a photo.  I love her smile and needed to capture it one more time in all its baby tooth beauty.

Emma is a flurry of movement these days.  This morning we had some one-on-one time together and I was really enjoying playing with her.  I was in for a big surprise when she asked to go in her crawler and told me in no uncertain terms to leave her alone.  She wanted to crawl all over the place and get into things without Mommy moving things out of her way.  After all, it's hard to get into some mischief if everyone keeps moving all the things to get into out of your way!  So, I left her in the crawler and put away a couple loads of laundry (it seems there is never a shortage of laundry going on in this house!) checking on her every now and again.

She moved from the living room to my bedroom to explore the Easter baskets filled with grass that were on my floor.  She found the butterfly wings and I helped her put them on because every little crawler needs butterfly wings!  She continued on into her bedroom to check out the bookshelf and eventually made her way over to Finnegan where she needed a bit of a rest and laid her head down on her faithful pup.  Finally, she headed back into the living room and decided she was done crawling.  I knew this because she started to yell and scream and when I started to help her off the crawler she started laughing.  I loved capturing a bit of Emma's adventures this morning and hope to see this independent side of Emma more and more.  

Help!  Someone quick, move me a bit so my wheels aren't stuck in this door!
That's better.  Now I can move again!  I love how you can see in this photo how quickly she is moving.
I love looking at my books at this level! 
I'm learning to be careful and not knock my head into all my books.

You don't mind if I use you to rest my head a bit, do you Finn?

2 Comments from readers:

JNR said...

Oh I love the photo of her and Finn - adorable.

Kara Melissa said...

What a cool crawler! I love th last photo, so cute!