Thursday, April 21, 2011

Random Bits

I just wanted to remember a few things that happened in our house lately, so I'm making a random bit post out of them like I've seen other bloggers do.  Makes it easier than having to keep an offline journal to remember all the bits :-)

  • Julia didn't like the song on the radio the other day, but I love it so I was singing it loudly and having a ball.  She kept asking me to stop singing and when I sung louder she yelled - "STOP, Mom.  You're Freaking Me Out!"  That actually made me stop and laugh so hard that I had a better time laughing than singing.  
  • We were milling about in the kitchen tis weekend discussing what to make for dinner and Julia came walking in, put her hand on her hip and started shaking her hip back and forth like she was dancing a bit.  She looked like a teenager and then she said really loud, "Daddy, I'm going to be doing this in my recital so you're just going to have to get over it!" and then she walked away.  Chris and I both had our jaws drop at that.  When did Julia get so OLD?  Oh, my, we are not ready for this, not one little bit.
  • Emma is going to test out the DynaVox Eyemax system next week at our hospital.  I'm so hopeful that she might find it easier to communicate with her eye gaze instead of using her hands to select an item on the ipad or switch.  I'm also so nervous that she will not cooperate for the test.  We've been working on training her to select items using a plastic sheet with PECS cards in the 4 corners.  She had used this communication system before we introduced the iPad so it's not a new concept for her.  She did well in the beginning but really has very little interest in this mode of communication.  I'm hoping that she will be more interested when the items are on a computer screen because she does like computers.  I'm really trying to have Emma break out of her comfort zone of sticking to mostly communicating her pleasure and displeasure through smiles/laughs and cries and get a more advanced communication system that she doesn't have to work so hard with her limited motor skills.

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