Sunday, November 1, 2009

Old McDonald

We've been working with switches with Emma lately so she can be more expressive. She loves singing songs and has recently taken to "helping" us sing Old McDonald.

On Thursday at speech therapy, Emma was helping us sing. She made the Moo sound each time at the appropriate point in the song - without having to hit the switch! - and also said O for each E-I-E-I-O. She was SPOT ON it! It was amazing to see. I was so excited to tell Chris about it and realized I should have taped it. Not to worry, we had another session on Friday as a make-up from a missed session earlier in the week.

On Friday I pulled out the video to try and capture Emma's Old McDonald to share with Chris. Friday's session was at 8:30am and Emma is NOT a morning person. She is usually more quiet in the mornings and Friday's rendition of Old McDonald was much spottier than on Thursday, but she still participated in the song. I would have been thrilled with this a couple of weeks ago, but since I've seen that she can do so much more I'm less impressed now (crazy, isn't it!). Here's the video from that session. Oh, and at the end I thought I had stopped the camera but I didn't, so just ignore the last few seconds of the video clip.

I'll work on getting a video from a Thursday at 11:30am session on here in the next few weeks so you can really see how good she participates in the song. It's SOOO COOL to see!

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