Thursday, November 19, 2009

Emma *thinks* about walking

We tried something new at physical therapy last week - we put Emma in a pacer/walker. It's something that I've been wanting to try out. Since she loves to stand so much I wanted to see what she would do if she was supported enough to take some steps independently. So, they put her in a Rifton pacer.

She looked GREAT in the pacer! She didn't cry at all and held herself up well. Although she didn't take any steps, she did try to take them. I'm told it takes a while for them to learn to move their feet in a pacer so we'll try it out a bit more. For now, I leave you with a video of Emma standing and *thinking* about walking!

4 Comments from readers:

Michelle Van Meter said...

Do they have a lite gait trainer - it is a minimal weight bearing system with a treadmill that works on reciprocal leg movements for gait?? This may help. I can;t wait 'til Abby is out of her spica (body) cast - her therapist keeps talking about it!! Yea for Emma that she tried the pacer!!! :)

Anonymous said...

She looked very at home and adorable! Loved the music! How did you like the fact that Ethan called you last night? LOL!

Tara Bennett said...

That video is too cute! I love the background music. That would motivate anyone to get goin!

They say every journey starts with a single step. Even if that step is assisted, I think it counts, and Emma is at the beginning of a new journey! This is incredible!

Anonymous said...

She looks very good - and this is just the start! I liked the way she turned to look at the therapist adjusting her left arm.