Monday, November 30, 2009

Emma talking

Emma has been making progress with her vocalizations/talking, but it has been slow going. I find it especially hard - more so than Emma's delayed motor skills - that my two year old daughter has limited expressive language. For example, Emma doesn't point to let us know what she wants, cannot crawl to something and bring it to us to play with, etc. She does have outstanding eye gaze and smiles that are very expressive and we can usually figure out pretty easily what she wants, but I really want more. More than anything else I pray for, I pray that Emma learns to talk so she is understood by everyone.

Yesterday I said a special prayer to St. Theresa the Little Flower to help Emma talk. I believe we have a real connection with St. Theresa and that it is no coincidence that her birthday is the same as Julia's, her feast day is the same day as Emma's birthday, and she was born one hundred years before me. Every time I pray to St. Theresa I feel my prayer is answered.

Today Emma has been very vocal. She has been so quiet for the past few days that I was beginning to worry about her talking. Today was a rare day where we had nothing special to do and no therapies to attend. Emma and I decided to stay home and just play and I put a heavy language emphasis on our playing. Julia was in school and the house was quiet so we had uninterrupted play and Emma was so expressive! For the first time ever I heard Emma say I love you! It wasn't to me - it was to Finnegan - but I was SOOOOO happy to hear her say it and
I went and got my video camera.

While Emma did approximate the I love you sound again, she didn't say it nearly as clear as before I started up the camera. I kept the video running for a bit more of our playing and clipped together some other moments of Emma expressing herself and placed the video below. Way to go, Emma!


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Hetha said...

Awesome job Emma! That smile when she heard then saw Finnegan was heart-melting!

PrayforNathan.org said...

WOW! She sounds AMAZING! I heard the "I love you" and the "Water" so very clearly! She is trying so hard to speak! I think your prayers are working! Her attention to you is really wonderful too, she is so engaged and interested and willing to interact! I'm really happy for you guys!

TMI Tara said...

That is so heart-warming! I'm just beaming with pride over here! Prayers are powerful, we should never underestimate them! What a beautiful gift to hear your sweet girl learn to speak, and to speak such sweet words!

Looks like the cochlear implant was a success!!! :)

Melanie said...

That is awesome. Daniel who is not deaf but because of his brain malformation can't form the words correctly sounds just like her. She is doing awesome!!!!

BTW- You're at magazine subscription winner.....send me your address please!

Jill said...

That was beautiful! Her smile for her puppy was amazing :) Keep up the good work Emma!

michelle said...

Way to go Emma!! It is so exciting to hear our kids talking....verey word or attempt at a word is such a HUUUGE milestone!! Great job, mom!!

The Calm The Storm said...

Awesome job Emma!!! And Kristina too!

Anonymous said...

Emma is such a cutie pie! And she has made so much progress since I last saw her.

Mim Krout said...

Hi Kristiana, Emma talking gave me goosebumps! Love your site, both girls are beautiful. Give me a call sometime. Mim