Friday, June 4, 2010

You just have to ask

Today is Friday which means Field Trip Friday for us and since the Delaware Children's Museum was such a big hit last week we decided to go there again. We ran into a few friends there which was a great surprise and the girls just had so much fun playing with them. I found some more ways to have Emma interact with the exhibits and she kept squealing with delight. I just love when that happens :)

When we were leaving I spoke with the front desk staff. I handed in my feedback form and started to talk abut the water exhibit. Before I could say much, she told me she remembered me from last week and that she had spoken with the museum director and everyone TOTALLY AGREES that they want to make the water exhibit available to children in wheelchairs. They are already discussing possible options to make this happen.

How cool is that? I'm so excited that Emma will eventually be able to use this exhibit without total assistance from Mom or Dad. I know she loves having us around but she is exerting an independence streak whenever possible and anything she can do on her own without Mom and Dad participating in 100% is a fantastic activity in our book.

Thanks, Delaware Children's Museum for having such an inclusive mindset!

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That is wonderful! Sounds like a great place!