Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

We headed to the horse farm on Tuesday this week and I grabbed my camera this time - I sure am glad I did! I think I could get lost in these photos.....

Chris was able to go this week and Emma sat up straight and had a great time riding. I think this is because the weather was cooler today than the last couple of rides, but it could be because Chris was walking with her. She is a Daddy's Girl!

Since Chris walked with Emma, Julia and I hit the vending machine for a drink and found a spot to relax for a bit. She even posed for a few photos for me. As I look at this photo I'm struck by how quickly she is growing up, how wonderful the innocence of a 4 year old truly is, and how thankful I am for my little girls!

How blessed we are!

4 Comments from readers:

Laura Garrett said...

Absolutely beautiful pics. I must admit that the one of Emma made me a little emotional. Look at her all upright and happy!!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

As always, great photos! Julia is beautiful. Love that picture of Emma sitting up on the horse! Awesome!

megan said...

HI! It was so nice to see you guys(although briefly) on Tuesday. You are such a talented photographer! Here is our email
megp925@yahoo.com and our blog....(it doesn't compare, but it gives me a great way to share!)

talk soon,

Anonymous said...

Glad you remembered the camera, too! Fabulous photos of your two beautiful girls!

Nice sitting, indeed! Barbara