Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blue Rocks Fun!

Saturday was filled with fun, fun, fun. We are having a terribly hot spell here so we packed up and headed to the pool on Saturday. The Y was having a family fun day and that was a cool bonus for us since we didn't know about it. The girls got tattoos, played a few games (and won some small blow up beach balls) and we all enjoyed the free ice cream before heading into the pool for a swim. Julia has been making a lot of progress with swimming and we were throwing the blow up ball and she would swim to it while using her swim noodle. She is getting really fast at swimming and we were having races to see who could get the ball first. Then, we ran into her friend from school and the girls played with the ball and had a blast. It's so fun when we run into kids we know - the girls always have a better time than when they only have Mom and Dad to play with!

Emma is starting to really move her legs while in the pool and I've been working with her to move her arms and they are definitely getting looser. The swim collar really makes a difference and allows Emma to relax her muscles in the pool and we are so glad we bought it. I don't have any photos of us at the pool, but hope someone might join us at some point and we can get a few photos for you.

Saturday night we decided to head to the local minor league Blue Rocks baseball game. Although we arrived about a half hour late, we had lots of time to enjoy the game. We found our seats at the start of the bottom of the third inning and the Blue Rocks scored 6 points in that inning. Each time the team scores Mr. Celery runs out and dances around and the girls were treated to a lot of Mr. Celery that night. Julia loves Mr. Celery! This is good because she has a complete aversion to Rocky Bluewinkle the mascot and we are hoping her love of Mr. Celery might eventually turn into a tolerance for large, dressed characters. One can hope!

Julia spied the cotton candy man and so we purchased one for the girls. Julia and Emma both love this stuff and I remember loving it when I was little. Emma can eat it easily and kept demanding more - she was a happy, cotton candy mess by the time it was finished! Next time I'll have to remember to pack an extra shirt just in case.

The girls apparently caught the eye of someone who worked at the Blue Rocks. She thought they were adorable and came over to meet them and gave them each a ball. She also took a family photo for us (that I put at the top of this blog post) and Emma even sat up for the photo! Then, they announced over the loudspeaker a special welcome to Julia and Emma. The girls loved that! The game included fireworks at the end and so we went to the parking lot to enjoy them to avoid all the traffic when it was over. We all had such a wonderful time!

Our next game will be the Philadelphia Phillies in two weeks and this will be the first time the girls will be to Citizens Bank Park and they are now really excited for the game.

2 Comments from readers:

Prayfornathan said...

What a beautiful family!!!!! What fabulous head control Emma, way to go!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a great day. I was pretty impressed with Emma in the family photo. She is sitting up so well!