Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nothing much happens

Today we had a bit of a lazy day. It has been threatening thunderstorms for the last five days and we have barely seen a drop of rain, but today it looked like it wouldn't hold off much longer. The threat of rain and the fact that I was feeling a bit under the weather made us cast aside our plans to attend a local festival with the girls. Instead, we decided to have the girls help us wash the car since that would be both productive and a bit of fun.

What child doesn't love to wash a car? Apparently, Julia. She is not sold on the idea but Emma made up for Julia's lack of enthusiasm. I think Emma thought it was the best idea ever! I know I've mentioned before how much she loves to see people working - and watching people work while sitting in the driver's seat of the car (we put the ChildRite chair in the seat so she was supported) just sent her into fits of giggles. Giggles like that would keep us working all day except that it started to drizzle. Julia is very much afraid of storms and at the first mention of a drop of rain she ran inside for shelter while I kept right on vacuuming the car. Chris was convinced that the sky was going to open up and storm so he started putting all the supplies away and took a crying Emma inside. Emma did NOT want the fun to end outside and she had no problem letting us know.

Emma went down for a nap while Julia and I spent a bit of the afternoon lounging around and watching tv together, which is very rare treat in our house. Much to our amazement, the rain never really came. There was about 5 minutes of drizzle before it subsided and so we could have cleaned the car after all. Before dinner we decided to head out on a family walk and were just starting out when it started to drizzle again. Really! Julia cried she wanted to go home but we pressed on and after a couple of minutes the rain went away and we all enjoyed the walk.

Overall nothing much happened today but I decided to make a journal entry about it anyway. Sometimes it's just nice to capture the everyday, boring stuff to look back at sometime in the future.

2 Comments from readers:

Unknown said...

Simple boring times are often the best times of all.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a pretty great day to me!