Friday, March 19, 2010

Week in Review

Where to start? It's been a whirlwind of a week!

Julia had a lot of fun this week. She went to pre-school for her normal Monday and Wednesday schedule, and we went to story time at the library on Tuesday where we made leprechaun puppets and heard stories all about St. Patrick's day. On Wednesday she had swim lessons and met another milestone in jumping in the pool without holding onto the instructors hand - YEAH! - and then we went to McDonald's to get Shamrock Shakes to celebrate St. Patty's Day.

On Thursday we had a Mommy/Julia day and went to see Lyle, Lyle Crocodile at the DuPont Theater. We had front row seats, met up with some friends, and she had a blast! When we went to the horse farm on Thursday evening she decided to play with the kids instead of walking with Emma and had so much fun playing basketball and playing with the "big kids." Have I mentioned that I just LOVE the atmosphere at the horse farm? It's one of our favorite weekly activities and I'm so happy they include Julia in a lot of the action.

Emma was sick for the majority of the week. The doctor gave her some medicine and she should kick the sinus and ear infection she has in no time. She also commented on how healthy Emma is overall and that the last time Emma had an antibiotic was a year ago! I told her I believe all the great food that Emma eats keeps her immune system in peak condition. The food and supplements make a decent dent in our budget each month and I think its completely worth it to keep our little one healthy! Listening to her cry and the sad, sad whine she had this week made me sad and I'm glad Emma is starting to be on the mend.

On Friday Emma was a bit happier so we went to Emma's craniosacral therapy and then up to the city to meet Chris for lunch and enjoy a bit of sun at Love park. The girls saw their first protest/demonstration at City Hall and Emma was thrilled with all the action. She is so funny when there is a lot going on - she doesn't want to miss anything! - she picks her head up from resting on the chair headrest and looks all around and moves her body forward in her chair to see all around. I love when she does this!

I've been playing with my new camera a bit more and trying out all different settings. As usual, the girls were my willing models. Here are some photos of our week.

Julia wanted to make Emma feel better, so she decided to read her a book.

It only worked for a short while before Emma remembered she felt awful and broke down into tears. Julia was dumbfounded at Emma's reaction and wanted to know why Emma wasn't laughing like usual when she reads to her.

Julia spent a lot of time choosing the perfect outfit for the play - from her dress-up box! She was sooooo happy to be dressed up. When we were in the car driving to the play she asked me how long she would get to dance on the stage and that's when I realized she thought she was in a dance recital and that is why she chose this outfit! When I told her we were just going to watch and not perform she insisted she wanted to perform on stage. My usually shy girl loses her inhibitions when it comes to dancing! Lucky for us she has her next recital in June and was content to know that she would get to dance on the stage again soon.

After the play, Julia learned to play hopscotch with the babysitter (while I had Emma at the doctor's office) and spent most of the evening showing me and Chris how to play. She has no recollection of me teaching her hopscotch last year at all! Notice she is still wearing her outfit - she kept it on all day including at the horse farm. With all the compliments she received, I expect she'll wear it again soon!

Emma joined in for a bit of hopscotch, but preferred to cheer everyone on from the sidelines.

We ended Friday with some painting outside. Julia painted a picture while Emma used finger paints to paint on the mirror during her OT session. It was her only session of the week since we cancelled most therapies so she could rest and recover.

As you can see, Emma was really pleased we held her OT session outdoors and Annette took it easy on her today. Have I mentioned that Emma has the BEST OT EVER???

2 Comments from readers:

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

loved te newsy note! :) Te girls are beautiful :) your OT seems amazing :) I LOVE te cair you ave Emma in! I will be unting one for Jeremia soon :)


Anonymous said...

These photos are spectacular! The girls look so much alike, it's easier to see that as Emma gets older. Glad you guys are having some nice weather and taking advantage of it and that Emma Bean is feeling better!