Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let the good times roll

Last weekend was wonderful weather so we headed to our local park for some fun. A couple of great things happened while we were there -

  • Emma was able to sit and swing in the bucket swing while holding her head upright with only a little receiving blanket tucked under her legs to keep them in a sitting position. She has never been able to sit in the baby bucket swing before, let alone swing in it, so this was a huge milestone for us. She didn't last too long in the swing, but we have all spring and summer to build up her stamina.
  • Julia caught up with a friend from pre-school at the playground and they had so much fun playing together. We don't usually run into people from school at the playground, so it was so fun to see Julia playing and interacting and just having a blast with the girls.

1 Comments from readers:

PrayforNathan.org said...

How exciting Kristina, that's wonderful that emmax head and trunk control are improving!!! So happy for you guys. The pics of the girls are gorgeous, looks like they had a blast.