Friday, March 26, 2010

I miss my fish

About two years ago Julia won a goldfish at the church carnival. We put him in a clear vase and bought some food for the fish and I told her if he made it through 5 days I'd buy him a fishbowl at the pet store. Well, the fish held on for 4 days before we found him belly up. I haven't thought about that fish at all since his funeral - yes, we did actually have a funeral for the fish that did not involve flushing the toilet.

We were driving in the car last week and out of the blue Julia told me she missed her fish. To which I replied - What fish? I had completely forgotten all about the carnival prize fish but she had not. She told me, remember the fish we got when we went on the rides and took him home in a bag? And then I remembered. The fish from about 2 years ago! I couldn't believe she remember that fish.

And then I was looking through my photos and found this video of Julia and her fish and it made me smile.

While watching this I realized that Julia is the same age in this video as Emma is now and I realized again how far Emma has to go to catch up with her peers.

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