Monday, March 29, 2010

Family Walk

Last week I saw the first tree in the area start to flower, so that means Spring is finally here! With the nicer weather we've been able to take the girls out for a routine walk again. I took my camera along one night to capture some photos of this routine - because I'm sure there will come a time when the girls won't want to join us for our walks after dinner and I'll want to remember when they were younger and always were ready for a jaunt.

When we set out for the walk, Julia wanted me to take her photo and she was all smiles. Shortly after that, though, she didn't really want me to bother her by taking her photo. Apparently, her baby really needed a walk and I was crimping her style!

Emma loves our walks and is usually bouncing out of her stroller with excitement. The side effect of this is she often kicks off her shoes. I think she might be doing this on purpose, though, just to see us put it back on for her. What do you think?

And, no walk would be complete without Finnegan making a pit stop (or three!) and that's when I'm the most happy that it's a family walk and the pick-up duty falls to Chris. He seems to be much more thrilled with that job than I am - take a look.

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