Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cashiers asking for Donations

Lately it seems like I can't go anywhere without someone hitting me up for a donation. This week alone there was a request for me to donate to the Children's Miracle Network, the Ronald McDonald House and to Help with Literacy for Children. Not to mention the boy who knocked on the car window asking for 75 cents to get home since someone stole his bike, but that's not the point of this post.

I believe in helping children, sick children and families that need a place to stay, and wholly believe in literacy. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read and think the girls are on track to love reading as much as I do. So, I was really thrown by the request at the Dollar General today to donate to their Literacy for Children campaign. I mean, I thought that we should be teaching children to read in school. Are our schools failing our children that much that we are depending on handouts from people offering their spare change to teach our children to read? What is happening at school? Why are homeowners paying school taxes? Really, I'm concerned if there are that many children going through school without learning how to read that the Dollar General is taking up the cause.

I'm sure there is more than meets the eye to this request. I'm sure there are loads of statistics that can show the percentage of children graduating from school and literacy rates and all of this could further be diced by ethnicity, location, school district, income level. The truth is I spend a lot of time researching treatments for Emma and can't spare the time to go digging up these statistics to satisfy my curiosity.

So, I did the next best thing and gave them a dollar for the fund. I'm not sure how many children that dollar will help, but I'm an optimist and hope that America finds a way to give our youth a quality education that includes literacy for children with our without the Dollar General fund.

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Tricia said...

Two different thoughts.

1. I was just talking about how I am bombarded to donate to this and buy for that fundraiser. It used to be once a year or so, and now it is every where I turn. Instead of getting a little out of me here and there (It's just a dollar, right?!), it has had the opposite effect. I always thing I'll donate to the next one or some other time. My reaization was that in the end, I never donate or participate in any fundraiser.

2. Reading has never been a problem for either one of my kids, even Emmi who should be behind! BUT, I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we read at home A LOT. Everyday. MANY books. I think that is the biggest issue. People are not reading to their kids. They don't own books. Those are the kids that are struggling, and really there is only so much the schools can do.