Monday, October 19, 2009

Our Crazy Schedule

I was thinking today that our life is a bit hectic and characterized by a lot of running around. I keep thinking that it will calm down a lot once Emma starts pre-school, but I'm not sure it will. And, to be honest, I'm not really looking forward to Emma starting school - but that's still a year away and so I don't think about it too much.

Now, are you at the edge of your seat just wondering just how we usually spend our days? Well, you're in luck because I've put our typical weekly Fall schedule below. It does not include the multiple specialist, alternative therapies and doctor appointments because that would just make the week crazy (LOL!). This schedule is the best we've had so far, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't change anytime soon.

Monday - Julia pre-school from 8:45am - 3pm, Emma 10am AV therapy, 11am PT, 4pm OT
Tuesday - Emma 8:30am speech, 10am Early childhood educator, Julia 6:30pm dance class
Wednesday - Julia pre-school from 8:45am - 3pm, Emma 9am AV, 10am PT, 4pm OT
Thursday - Emma 11:30am speech, 4pm OT
Friday - Emma 5pm therapeutic riding; day time is usually spend doing something FUN!
Saturday - Julia 8am or 9am soccer (will be replaced by swim lessons in the Winter)
1x/month - Teacher of the Deaf and Craniosacral therapy
Weekends - nothing but fun, fun, fun

The good thing is that nearly all of Emma's therapies are play-based which means she gets to have lots of fun while getting stronger. Julia gets to have fun at school for the days that Emma's therapies are outside the home and for the other days Emma's therapists are fantastic at including Julia in the sessions (or not, if Julia and I want to use that block of time for some Mommy/Julia quality time).

So now you have a basic idea of what we're up to - we're a busy crew, but are adding in more play dates and library story times to balance out all the adult interaction. No wonder I have a few photos of Emma just relaxing during the day to choose from for this post - complete with her ever-present smile! I wasn't as lucky for Julia who is always on the move so I picked my favorite soccer photo to post.

2 Comments from readers:

mvanmeter said...

Kristina - what is AV therapy?? How are you able to get OT 3x/ week and speech 2x/week?? At most, Abby has PT 2x/week and OT and speech 1x/week. Just by your blog, I can tell that Emma is benefiting from the OT - she definitely uses her hands a lot more than Abby. This is something that I am trying to work on with her.

Kristina said...

Hi, thanks for the comment. I didn't get your email with it, so here is the response. AV therapy is auditory verbal - it's to help Emma learn to listen with her cochlear implant (she is deaf and uses a CI to hear). For OT, the neurologist wrote us a script for 3x/week of OT and that is how we have it 3x/week. Increasing OT from 2x to 3x has had a large impact on Emma's achievements.