Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emma is featured in the newspaper!

The Delaware News Journal printed an article today about The Center for Therapeutic Riding that featured Emma. We think the program at the Center is amazing and are so thrilled that we found them! I'm glad to see their program getting the recognition it deserves in the article and think that Kathleen Keane did a FANTASTIC job in capturing the magic that happens at the farm.

To read the article, Angels with Saddles, click here.

There isn't a photo of Emma on the internet article (but she is featured on the Front Page in the newspaper!), so I've included some photos of the girls from our visit last week. Notice that Emma is able to control her trunk a bit more and turn her body while keeping it upright to look around. Also, she is able to open her legs up so much more than when we started riding. Her legs are getting to the point where they are almost open enough to straddle Mercedes without Emma fussing.

We were especially lucky on Friday. There were a lot of cancellations/rescheduled riders so Julia was able to take a short spin around the farm with Mercedes. We also remembered to bring some carrots with us this week and Julia and Emma fed them to Mercedes for being such a wonderful pony.

2 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

What great updates! I love the chair and the giggling girl in it! I wonder why she gets so tickled by watching you clean? I'm with you, I'd have that house sparkling just to hear that adorable giggle.

I also loved the story about Julia wishing for a doll for Emma. What a dear sweet little soul. I can't get over the morning cuddle either, how do you even get out the door? That just kills me!

Congrats on the newspaper story! Ethan's paperwork is on it's way to being processed and they have one slot open for hippotherapy for the winter (indoor track), so we're keeping our fingers crossed that it has his name on it. If not, then definitely in the spring.

Glad to see things are going well for you guys!

Tara Bennett said...

Emma's famous! How exciting!!!

We LOVE horse therapy around here. =)