Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emma's Birthday Slideshow - At Last!

I want to start a new tradition of making a slideshow of the past year's events for Julia's and Emma's birthday. Since this is the first slideshow, and since this was Emma's 2nd birthday, I included some photos from her first year, too. Enjoy!


Emma - It's amazing to me how much joy you bring to so many people's lives. Your smile lights up a room! Your sunny disposition is contagious. Thank you for showing us how to live life in the moment and enjoy each and every new milestone!

5 Comments from readers:

Keri said...

What a fabulous slide show for Emma! It surely showcases her beauty and a very contagious smile! She's such a doll!

Ellen said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. Emma is lucky to have such a wonderful family.

TMI Tara said...

It's perfect! Love it =)

Michelle Van Meter said...

Great slide show - I'm sure that Emma will love it....and it will be something to lok back on in years to see just how far she has come to beat CMV!!!

Kim said...

Your girls are beautiful. I have a 3 month old with CMV (I saw a link to your blog the yahoo group) and I love seeing how you deal with all the challenges that come along with CMV. Thank you for all your great posts!