Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Best Sister Award

When Julia was getting settled into her classroom today her teacher pointed out one of the billboard items to me. The letter they worked on last week was B and one activity they did was have each child write their birthday wish on a birthday cake pin-up. Julia's wish was for a baby doll for her sister.

Miss Lindsay couldn't believe how sweet Julia's wish was. I could. Julia is an amazing little girl! I'm so glad to have her in our life and love her to pieces. I think it's a blessing that Emma will grow up with such a wonderful big sister in her life. Of course, my heart still turned to mush when I heard about Julia's wish!

So, about the baby doll.....we have so many dolls that the wish threw me off a bit. By the look on the Miss Lindsay's face I thought she was going to wish for Emma to walk - Julia talks about Emma not walking A LOT - which would have been impossible to give her. Thank goodness her wish is much easier to fulfill - Julia and I talked about it and decided that she will pick out a baby doll for Emma for Christmas. That made her sooooo happy.

And, since this is my journal (who has time to keep up an online and paper journal!), I need to write some other things about Julia and Emma that I don't want to forget. Such as:
  • Every morning after Emma wakes up Julia wants to hold her on her lap while I get breakfast together (never mind that Emma is almost the same size as Julia!). It's her cuddle time with Emma and she talks to her, kisses her and Emma just ADORES it!
  • Julia has a lot of pet names for Emma. Her favorites are Baby Bear, Clairey, and Beanie Boo.
  • She gets upset if I don't bring Emma with me to pick her up from school because she "misses her so much" while at school.
Here is a photo from cuddle time this morning. They looked so cute together I couldn't resist taking a photo.

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