Friday, March 1, 2013

This and that

I saw a mantra on Facebook and it made me laugh.  I think I'll make a print and post it on my bedroom mirror because we all need a reminder once in a while....

Things are getting better around here.  It's not the same without Finnegan and Julia is still carrying her photo around with her and has us all kiss the photo of Finnegan before she goes to bed and she is still making up Finney songs but we are thinking of all the fun we had with Finney instead of how sad we are that she isn't here.

I even took a look at a Lab Rescue website and looked at the labs up for adoption.  There are some dogs that sound wonderful and I'm sure a great family will come along and adopt them.  We aren't ready yet to add another dog to our family - I would just expect the dog to behave and act like Finney and I don't think another dog in the universe is wired like she was ;-)  

I also looked closer at the application for a companion dog for Emma.  It takes 3-6 months to complete the application process and another 6-18 months to have a dog placed in our home.  That would put Emma at 7 years old and sounds like a good age to us so we will likely think about beginning the process of applying soon.  I spoke with the group at the Abilites Expo the last couple of years and it seems like they are a good fit for us because of their philosophy and location.  And the cost, too, because some companion and service dogs are way out of our price range.  I think a companion dog that can do up to 40 tasks will be a big benefit to Emma for both her independence and her social life.  Just the thought of Emma having her own service dog gets me excited!  

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Anonymous said...

Love all these memeories. We're blessed to be so lucky to have them. Each passing day will get better and better, and you will soon see that Finney is with many good friends.

#1 MiMom