Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  
Today we celebrated with a visit to church, some time together at home and dinner with our families.
It was a day that we celebrated our blessings.
We wish everyone a blessed Easter season!

After mass we posted for a family photo
Emma was tired most of today.  She cried when we put her in her crawler for the egg hung and, instead, opted to watch Julia hunt for the eggs from her comfy position on the couch.  All the while laughing - stinker!  Julia shared the eggs with Emma without being asked.  I love the bond between these two sisters!
She informed me that I can only take 1 photo of her then finally gave in to a few more. 
This child loves to have her photo taken!  She let me take as many as I wanted without a limit.  

A special shout out to Aunt Jane - it was wonderful visiting with you!!!!!

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