Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bits and pieces

It's almost Spring.  With the clocks turned ahead one hour it feels nice to have a bit of evening family time together when it's not dark even if it means the girls are going to bed a bit later than the ideal time.  Spring break is just around the corner and we are already coming up with a list of fun things to do together since the girls' breaks overlap a week.  Last year there was only a day overlap which meant I had one of them home with me every day for 4 weeks, and this year it will be for 3 weeks.

The weather this weekend is a bit unseasonal.  Yesterday we had sleet and snow making it a great day to duck into a coffee shop during a stroll in the city.  It was the perfect little coffee shop and I instantly fell in love and thought the girls would so like a trip to it.  Then I remembered the 8 steps up a steep flight of stairs to enter the cozy (i.e., tiny) space and decided it's not a great spot after all.  Sigh....there are so many great places in the city that are just not set up for wheelchairs.

Next week is Palm Sunday already.  It is strange having Easter so early in the year.  It feels like lent just started and already we are making our Easter plans.  Chris asked me today if I was going to plan another Easter egg hunt.  The kids are at the perfect age for them and we had a hunt with friends the last couple of years that were so much fun.  I think I better start looking for all our plastic eggs and filling them up.

I've been working on my photography lately and am branching out to taking more photos outside of my children ;-)  It's been a lot of fun and I'm happy I have a creative outlet to balance out my mostly scheduled days.

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