Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This week is all about change for Emma (and me!).  Firsts, lasts and unknowns.  The reason for change is that Emma will turn 3 this week and age out of the Birth to Age 3 Early Intervention Program.  All the therapists that have come to our house the last few years will bid us adieu and Emma will move on to pre-school.

The fact that we have been preparing for this transition for a while does not make this much easier on {ahem} me.  I'm not so sure Emma understands all the changes so she doesn't seem as effected as I am!  Today was the beginning of the lasts.  The last speech session with the marvelous Kate at our house.  Oh, how we will miss her!  She is an amazing therapist and person and we were so lucky to have her work with Emma and us.  This afternoon will be the last session with our OT who, while she has only been with us for a few months, was great.  Tomorrow will be the last session with the always upbeat, full of energy, Jahna!  She has been with us for about 2.5 years as Emma's Early Childhood Educator and we loved her from the very first visit.  Emma especially liked that Jahna didn't focus too much on her motor control and really was there to play and teach and sometimes have a small snuggle at the end of the session.  We are so happy that such a wonderful group of people were brought into our lives and will be sad to see their visits end.

The firsts will start later in the week when (as long as our IEP is finalized!) Emma settles into her first classroom.  Her first day of school with a whole lot of firsts - working with her teachers, aides, and therapists.  Joining a classroom of kids her age.  Testing out new equipment.  And, eventually, leaving Mommy at the door while she is immersed in school.  I think a few tears will be shed when that happens and I'm betting they are not from Emma.

And then there are the unknowns.  I have a laundry list of unknowns but I don't want to focus on that right now.  I just want to enjoy my little one and trust that we'll work these out as they come along.  

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Anonymous said...

This post made teary for some reason. I guess it just brought back my memories of our EI coordinator who we also loved so dearly. I also remember the day we drove away from our last appointment with the OT and PT before moving to Cinci, I was a wreck. I really loved them and remember crying on the way home that day after saying goodbye. These people become so much a part of our lives and show so much care and compassion for our children that it truly is heartbreaking to say goodbye.

My experience has taught me that worrying too much about stuff is pointless because the bottom line is that we're doing a pretty great job and somehow, someway, things always seem to work out for the best. Emma has angels looking out for her, you can bet on it. Plus she's got 2 of the most amazing parents ever and an incredible big sister. She's going to keep growing and progressing before your eyes and all your worries about this transition will slip into your distant memories.

Laura Garrett said...

We have five months before transition for Cody. Today as I drove him home from therapy that song "Make new friends but keep the old" came on the kids CD we were listening to and well...as Cody snoozed in his carseat I sobed all the way home. All I could think about is having to say goodbye to our early intervention team. Change is such a certain thing in life but oh so hard. I really truly think Emma will thrive in school. AND I'm sure mom will adjust too. Is it inappropriate to say that I'm looking forward to learning from you.

I've also been wondering if you've ever taken Emma to this place http://www.familyhopecenter.org/
I've had two people send me links to it in the past few weeks. I'm trying to convince my hubby that we should take a family vacation to PA and try it out. Not sure he's convinced yet.

Take Care

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Is it bad that I cried through this post? We are two weeks behind you. Emily will be starting school soon. Right now, I am not feeling very confident about the school in our district. We have our IEP meeting next week and I am hoping that it makes me feel more at ease (as much as I can be at ease about sending my baby off to school). I think school is a good thing and will do wonders for her, but the change is HARD!

Emma looks adorable in that picture! She is looking more and more grown up!