Thursday, September 16, 2010


I can't believe how quickly Julia is growing up.  She started pre-K last week and it will be her last year of part-time school since kindergarten will be full-time.  We opted to send her to school 3 mornings a week so she would spend more time in school than the 2 days/week she did last year and still have one more year of some fun field trip weekdays.

Here is a photo of her on the first day of school (9/7/10).  This year we did a bit of back to school shopping and she has new sparkly sneakers, a new backpack and lunch box to mark the occasion (not all shown here - it was all I could do to get her to pose for a photo!).  Her new teacher is Miss Sandra and the room is decorated with a Jungle theme to kick-off their first unit on animals and it feels fun just to walk into the classroom!

In this photo I think she looks so much like me when I was younger.

I was looking back at some photos from when she started pre-school at age 3.  Here she is her first day of school (1/26/09).  What a little peanut she was going off to school with her tinkerbell lunch box almost as big as her!  And, her poor little chapped lips.  No amount of lip balm/vaseline would keep them from getting chapped that winter.  

She grew up so much during that year of pre-school and summer camp.  Her teacher for both was Miss Amy and Julia loved her so much.  Here is a photo of Julia and Miss Amy on her last day of camp (9/2/09).  No trace of baby left in her at all, but she is still sweetness through and through.

My dear little Julia, I am loving watching you grow into an amazing little girl.  You teach me so much each day and I feel so blessed that you are my daughter.

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

She is beautiful! And growing so fast!