Thursday, September 9, 2010

A new Tag

Tara over at TMI made a personalized tag for her gorgeous daughter Chloe and I just loved the idea immediately.  I had planned to make one for Emma but one thing led to another and creating Emma's tag fell to the bottom of the perpetual to do list.  Until today!

On Tara's recent post about Chloe's 1st day of school she included a photo of Chloe's backpack with her tag attached and it reminded me how much I wanted a tag for Emma.  So, today I made one for her and then laminated it and will attach it to her wheelchair tomorrow.

I just love it!  Thanks to Tara for the great idea!   


1 Comments from readers:

The Mom-Mom said...

I love this idea. We are so glad to see the progress being made to make Emma a part of society. Love the picture you have chosen, as well.

Dad and I are so proud of all the work and effort that you and Chris put in to this wonderful little girl. Keep up the good work.

The Mom-Mom