Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Potty Time!

Let me just say that I'm feeling a bit out of my league when it comes to potty training Emma.  I mean, how exactly are you supposed to know when you non-mobile, non-verbal child has to go potty?  I'm still not sure but decided to give it a go since Emma seems quite interested.

Emma's interest about as much thought as I've put into the whole potty training.  I haven't figured out exactly WHAT we will do when she gets potty trained when we are away from our potty seat or only around a public restroom but I'll eventually deal with that.  Because, the truth is, if I start to think about that too much right now it would overwhelm me and I might not keep on with the potty adventure.  So, I'll leave that worry for another day.

We have a great potty that we used for Julia and it has a pretty supportive seat.  I've kept it in the powder room and whenever I go in there I used it as a seat for Emma instead of laying her on the ground.  Since she started to sit up in it quite nicely I thought we should see what she does on this if we take off her diaper.  

Sunday was Emma first time sitting on the potty.  She looked pretty happy with all the attention she was getting from Chris, Julia and me while she was just sitting there doing nothing.  And then seemed over the moon when we checked and saw she went and the whole house burst into song.  The Potty song to be exact.  The song that we sang for Julia and now are singing for Emma complete with dancing around the room.  Yep, it's incredible silly.  Yep, Emma loved it!

On Monday I decided we needed some modifications to the potty.  Pretty much everything off the shelf needs modifications for Emma so this was not surprising.  Unless Emma is very awake and interested in what is going on she tends to fall from her sitting position.  Like this -

Since I want her to feel supported enough to use the potty I added a "seatbelt" to our seat.  It keeps her from falling over and she seems much more at ease since she no longer has to work so hard not to fall.  We tested out this modification and she went to the potty again.  She was thrilled with herself.  We did the potty dance again and she kept laughing.  Yes, I think she totally gets what is going on with the potty!

Today I've tried her on the potty twice - once about two hours after her bottle and once before nap time.  She went both times.  We sang the song but didn't do the dance since Emma was ready for a nap.  We did make a big deal over going on the potty and she smiled again when we looked and saw she went.  And, what's interesting about this time is I knew when she went and was done.  She told me with her body language and that makes me KNOW that she knows what she is doing on the potty.

I'm still not sure what this means, but for now it is enough.  

4 Comments from readers:

Laurie said...

Hi Kristina. It's Laurie, Clara's mom. I check your blog once and a while because I love to read about what Emma's doing. I'm so excited for you about the potty! And the fact that you can read her body language and know she knows is a incredibly exciting! She is so precious! I have to say that I think you and your husband are amazing parents and Emma will shine with you both as parents. The sky's the limit for her and what she will accomplish. don't be surprised if one day while you're out a brunette lady comes running up to hug Emma. That would be me because I would recognize that amazing smile anywhere!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

That is awesome! I love that you modified the seat to allow her to sit up comfortably, and even more that she knows what to do! Go Emma!

Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog for awhile and love all the helpful info. Our son Chase was born 3 months early and has Cerebral Palsy and Auditory Neurapathy. We are scheduled for a cochlear implant next month. Did you find it really helped Emma? I worry because there is only a 50/50 chance it will help our son and I hate to do selective surgery. We are also waiting on a FAST chair, I have an suv too and loved your ramp idea for putting it in the back. Thanks for taking the time to post all this info. angela@dwellingsnw.com

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That is awesome! Way to go Emma (literally and figuratively haha)!