Sunday, August 29, 2010


This weekend we decided to branch out from our standard list of activities and try something new.  Since the weather was gorgeous we decided it was the perfect night to hit the Cowtown Rodeo.  I think everyone in the area decided to go to the rodeo, too, so there was plenty of people watching if all the action in the rodeo wasn't captivating enough.  But, for us, it was enough!  We all had so much fun!  

Since it was our first time we weren't sure what to expect.  There were quite a few "events" to the rodeo and we left after about 2.5 hours and it was still going strong.  It started off with bull riding and the cowboys managed some great rides - not that we would know, but the announcers were kind enough to tell us all about it along the way :-)  The bull riding was followed up with steer wrestling and then the Cowgirls raced their horses around a course in the ring and then a two cowboy steer catch where they roped the calf around the horns, the feet and tied them up.  This was the one where I started to feel pretty bad for the little calves, but it seems like none of them were hurt and they sort of knew the drill and when the cowboys missed them and they "won" they did have a saunter around the ring.  I liked when that happened.  After that it was more cowgirl horse racing.  Julia loved the cowgirls.  Emma loved the action in the stands and especially the little kids sitting across the aisle from us.  

At 10pm we called it a night and packed up to go home.  Julia asked for a lasso and she practiced with it today but still has room for improvement.  She is already planning our next trip back and decided we need to stay until the end to know what else happened.  We made a deal that we will stay until the end if she takes a nap that day before we go.  We'll see how that works out.  Who knew that my sensitive little girl would be a rodeo fan??!!

The is one new activity we are all looking forward to repeating!

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