Friday, August 27, 2010


When I run errands I usually try and avoid as much traffic and congestion as possible.  I mean, who wants to deal with more of that than necessary, right?  Anyway, the quest for a seamless route back to my house usually has me driving through a neighboring development instead of traveling the standard roads.  And, each and every time I drive through this development on the way home I pass this sign:

I'm not really sure how I feel about this sign.  I guess it is there to warn drivers to slow down or not depend on their horn, which they should be doing anyway for ALL children.  But this sign.....it makes me wonder about the child behind the sign.  Is the child old enough to know the sign is there?  Does he/she feel like it brings too much unwanted attention?  Do neighborhood kids tease him/her about this sign?  Isn't it hard enough to fit in already without adding a sign outside of your house?  It also makes me think about the parents behind the child.  Did they ask to get this sign put up?  Are they happy it is there?    

When I turn onto my street I am greeted with another sign that gives a different message.  The sign on our street applies to all children and is a great reminder to all drivers to slow down:

This sign refocuses me that I am back in a neighborhood and should slow down and be aware of children at play.  I like this sign.  I like that it does not single out any one child or have a stigma attached to it.  I like that it doesn't make me wonder about the children behind the sign and that it seems so very inclusive for a street sign.  Yes, I like this sign.    

2 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

Good points, Kristina!
My mom has never liked the Deaf Child sign because she fears that it alerts predators to children who may be a little more vulnerable. I've heard that some parents have to really jump through lots of hoops to get a sign like that. I don't think it's that necessary in our little neighborhood where people drive slowly anyway, but I might be looking into it if we live on or near a very busy road.

tulpen said...

I LOVE the sign. In fact, as soon as school starts, and I have the time, I'm heading to town hall to get one for my Deaf son.

I'm not paranoid about predators, I refuse to live with those thoughts in my head.

I would like people to be aware though, as they whizz past my house too fast, or insist on turning around in my driveway (ten times a day, really), that there is a child living at this house that deserves to be looked out for.

Yes. I want a sign. I'll dig the hole myself.