Thursday, August 5, 2010

New York City

The girls and I headed to NYC to visit with my dear friend Trish.  We spent the evening enjoying the city.  Julia's favorite part of NYC was Central Park and even passed up the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum for more time on the tire swing.  Emma seemed to love walking around and seeing all the people.  We did hit Times Square and it was beyond crowded so we only spent enough time for Emma to get a good kick out of it and then headed for dinner.  The girls had their first taxi ride at the end of the evening and Julia is telling everyone about her taxi ride so I'm sure that will be a request on our next trip to the city.  

I guess the only down side of the trip was for me - I think I got food poisoning and had to call Chris to come and rescue us.  The Amtrak train had him at Trish's apartment less than 2.5 hours after I called him with my SOS.  What a guy!  He took the girls to Central Park again - at their request - for the morning while I slept.  Thankfully, I recovered enough to make the trip home in the car with everyone but it was a bit of a rough ride.  

Thanks to Trish for her hospitality and for taking care of the girls in the morning before Chris arrived!  We hope to see you again soon.

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