Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Today the girls and I had a super busy day.  There were 3 therapy appointments, one trip to the doctor, two trips to the pharmacy, one trip to the vet, two loads of laundry, well.....you get the idea.  After we dropped the prescription off at the pharmacy drive-thru we had about 10 minutes to do something and since it takes me that long to get the girls out of the car we took a short drive to look at the outside of the school where Emma might go in October.  

When we visited the school in the spring the pre-school was in trailers right near the building and we were told the trailers were going away and the class will be in the school this year.  When we drove up to the building the trailers were gone and there was a large dirt field with various debris where they sat.  The playground behind the school was sparse, overgrown and not very accessible (we were told in the fall that the PTA built the playground for the children since the school district doesn't fund it at all).  Basically, my heart sunk.  

Now, that said it is likely they are putting the finishing touches on the school before it starts and it will be cleaned-up by the start of school and certainly should be in better shape by October.  I've heard good things about the teachers in the pre-school program and they seemed very caring when we met them, so that is a positive for the program.  

It's just that this is not what I had in mind when sending my children to school.  I never thought they would be going to two different schools, two different curriculums, two different sets of teachers/administrators/staff - two different school families.  I never imagined that I'd have to learn all about IDEA, IEPs, special education, advocates and due process.  I'm sure none of us did.  

I love where Julia attends pre-school and said out loud I wish Emma was going to school with Julia.  I hadn't really realized I said that out loud until Julia said don't worry Mommy, she can come to school with me and she'll love it.  I had to tell her that she can't go to school there just yet and she asked me why.  I told her it's because Emma doesn't talk or walk yet and she replied when she gets older and does that stuff she'll come with me.  

I responded that yes, that is what I want.  When she gets older my wish is that both girls can go to the same school of our choosing - private or pubilc.  And Chris and I are doing everything we can to try and make that a reality.

But, in all honesty?  I wish they would attend the same school now.  If anyone in Delaware or Southeastern PA knows of inclusive local (private) pre-schools that are not priced at full-days 5 days/week, please let me know.  I had thoughts of a local church pre-school that would embrace Emma, but I'm finding it hard to find one.

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Anonymous said...

I so understand what you are feeling. My oldest starts preschool tomorrow and at bath time tonight he asked why he had to take a bath and Cody didn't. I told him because he gets to go to school tomorrow, Cody doesn't. He replied Cody will go to my school soon and don't worry I will help him up the steps. Big sigh!!! We have 6 months to go. I'm going to be doing school visits soon and I'm stressing big time. My hair is literally falling out!!!

I wish I had some useful advice but I don't. Hang in there momma!!!

Laura G