Friday, May 28, 2010

Field Trip Friday

The girls and I introduced Field Trip Fridays into our weekly schedule in the Fall when our schedule changed and gave us an (almost) therapy free Friday. We use this day to go to friends' houses, hit the park, go to the orchards, visit museums, and a whole host of other fun outings.

Today we met friends at the newly opened Delaware Children's Museum and I think this could quickly move to the top of the list of our favorite museums. There is so much to do for the kids and it was not too crowded so they could run about without us worrying someone would walk off with them. Most activities are handicapped accessible, but I quickly noticed that the water play area does not have a cut out for a wheelchair. Of course Emma loves water and so this was a huge disappointment for me so I talked to the front desk staff and left a written comment and I really hope they will adapt it for the kids. I have a few ideas on how they can adapt it pretty easily, which I shared with an interested employee who seemed to fall under Emma's spell.....she does draw people to her! I hope the management listens to my request, because if not you can be sure I'll bring it up at all future visits (did I mention we bought an annual pass and will likely visit a few times a month?). I have a feeling I could be on a first name basis with the staff pretty quickly :)

Here are some photos of our outing today. Doesn't it look like so much fun?!!

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