Monday, May 17, 2010

Emma isn't smiling

Emma is usually a really happy little girl (outside of bedtime!). With her teeth coming in, though, she has been having a rough go of it unless we are outside. I shot a video of her this morning and wanted to share because it shows:
  1. A side of Emma most people don't see - a sad side :-( Luckily, she perked up a bit after I took this video.
  2. That even with all the crying she manages to hear me tell her to lift her head up.
  3. That she follows the direction I gave her to lift her head up! Yeah, Emma!!!! This is a lot of work for her!
  4. When I mention Daddy, she perks up. She is a total Daddy's girl.
  5. When I mention Daddy again, she looks towards the door - I'm thinking this is on purpose as she might have thought me talking about him meant he was going to come through the door any minute.
  6. When I mention Mommy, she goes back to crying. Hah! Some days are just like that.

1 Comments from readers:

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

She is such a cutie. Poor girl! We understand. Emily is working on 2 molars right now and these are not happy times! This too shall pass...