Monday, May 31, 2010

Big Girl Bike

Julia is the proud owner of one pink and purple big girl bike (thanks for sending it her way Aunt Maura and Mary!). She took her first spin on her new set of wheels tonight and is a natural.

Julia dressed up today in a party dress and thought it was the perfect outfit for a bicycle ride. She looked a little bit like a Southern Belle to me!

When we had ventured only a short distance from our house Julia encountered a tree and was rescued by her knight in a blue shirt (aka Daddy!) who whisked the tree out of her way.

In less than a minute she was a pro at riding her bicycle (the training wheels should get some credit here).

She followed the safety rules of wearing a helmet at all times and learned to walk her bicycle across all streets.

I caught this photo of Julia looking up at Chris while he reiterated the importance of looking both ways before walking into the street. I just love the way she is looking at him here.

Julia picked out a horn for her bike at the store the other day. She was thrilled to use it liberally throughout the entire ride. Seriously, look at this face! She seemed to honk it no less than 50 times on her short ride around the neighborhood. She really loves honking that horn! Why do you think I was so quick to put it on the bicycle and get it out of easy reach for her to blow it in my house.

And, she did all this wearing her flip-flops. Bring on summer!

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Way to go Julia! She is so cute! I love the dress on the bicycle. And that face that she is making when honking her horn is priceless!