Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

It's amazing how time can seem to fly by and stand still all at the same time! That's what I feel like has been happening with us lately. The sleepless nights seem never ending while the days seem to be over in a second.

Emma is plagued by painful molars and has not been herself at all. She was crying about 23 hours/day for the last week, but it seems like she is getting some relief as one molar poked through. The problem is that three more are coming in on its heels and I hope they are easier on her - and me!!! - than the last one. Chris and I are often letting Emma worm her way into our bed since she seems a bit more content there and we are desperate for some sleep. While she demands to sleep on her belly in her crib she demands just the opposite in our bed and likes to end up sleeping across the bed giving me and Chris just a sliver of mattress to rest our weary heads. Here is a photo of her sleeping in our bed looking comfy as can be.

On Saturday we had a one-on-one day with the girls. Julia and I took off for a mommy/daughter day of fun. We went to the nail salon to get a manicure, but they were busy and after waiting about 45 minutes and still not getting served I just painted Julia's nails with the shade she chose and then we drove off to her dance lesson. They are getting ready for their recital next month so the kids danced for the parents at the end of the lesson and I have to say they are really good! I'm looking forward to the show when they wear their costumes and strut their stuff to the Good Ship Lollipop! After dance lessons we went to the pottery place and painted our pottery selection. Julia chose a rainbow trinket box and I painted an ice cream bowl and both should be ready in about a week.

Chris and Emma had a daddy/daughter day and went to the running store to get Chris a new pair of running shoes. We all thought this would be a fun thing for her since she loves to go to stores and see people but we forgot about Emma's phobia of people putting on shoes. Chris said it was a nightmare at the store since everyone was putting on shoes and Emma was screaming crying so they only stayed long enough to get him a pair of shoes before going to the Wilmington waterfront for a walk and a bit of fun at a festival.

We're all looking forward to the next one-on-one day when we swap partners and go on a whole new set of adventures (that will not include shoe shopping!).

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Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Sounds like a great day (minus the shoe shopping!).