Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snowpalooza 2010

Snow, snow, snow! That's all anyone is talking about around here. The mild winters of the last few years are long forgotten as we are all still digging out from all the snow we've had in the last week. There was a storm on Friday that left us with about 30" of snow and then another storm on Tuesday that dropped another 13" in our area. And, as if that wasn't enough, they are calling for more snow on Monday night.

Here is what our winter wonderland looks like now:

We're finally out of the state of emergency and able to venture out onto the roads once again. While out and about you can just *tell* that many people were ready to get out of the house and, perhaps, they had enough of all the family together time. As for us, we enjoyed hanging out together. We made some Valentine's candy and gifts, put some finishing touches on projects that we've been meaning to get to for a while now, and played a lot of games.

The thing we did NOT do was make a snowman. And the snow from Tuesday was perfect snow - nice and wet - to make a snowman! The girls just aren't into staying out in the cold for too long. Julia came out to help me shovel and lasted about 60 seconds before she said it was time to go in and get some hot chocolate. Seriously, a minute? It takes about 15 minutes to get all bundled up in the snowsuit, coat, boots, scarf, hat. Anyway, she enjoyed the view from the window while drinking her hot chocolate.

We did remember to buy some sleds before the weekend storm and were able to go to the local sledding hill for some fun............along with about a thousand other people! Emma was super happy to be out with everyone and we laid her down in one sled and pulled her up the hill making it easy on us to transport her around. Julia was cold and it was hard for her to walk in the deep snow so she was a little less happy when she wasn't going down the hill in the sled, but had a great time while sledding down the hill. I think we'll try sledding again sometime before all the snow melts.

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