Friday, February 5, 2010

Artist Emma

Emma loves it when people write or draw. She stops what she is doing and stares shamelessly at the person with the pen, pencil, crayon, etc. and wants to join in the fun. We've always encouraged her scribble skills and she is just starting to really take off with the concept. Where before she didn't really look at her hand or paper while drawing and required a lot of hand-over-hand assistance, she is now able to draw dark and light lines, horizontal and vertical lines, and is now making circles.

Emma received a doodle board from Santa this year and we were using it during an OT session this week. We put Emma's hand in a specific grasp for her to draw and once that was done she took off drawing. She was concentrating so hard and was looking at her board while making the drawing.

I took a bunch of photos of her during this session - partly so we could remember the "just right" grip Emma likes, but mostly so I could show off her hard work!

2 Comments from readers:

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

Before I even read the post, I was pretty impressed with the way Emma was holding the "pen". Great job Emma! She is doing some hard work and it is paying off!

michelle van meter said...

Great job Emma. We are working with Abby on using a very similar method to draw. Abby is also very fascinated with people writing - must be in their makeup. We have also tipped Abby's doodle board on a bit of a slant whic helps her get the "pen" to the board.