Monday, February 22, 2010

Look who is sitting!

I've had some questions about the HBOT effects on Emma and I'm going to do a post on that soon, but I did want to mention that the biggest effect we saw from HBOT was that Emma seems so much stronger. She is able to hold her body and move it in space better and I think this is noticeable by everyone across the board.

Yesterday I posted the video of Emma stepping and then today we were playing together and I captured some photos of her in a sitting position. Although I placed Emma in the sitting position, she did the rest of the work to maintain this position for an extended period of time.

I put Emma in the crisscross applesauce position and told her to stay there and I walked a few feet away to get my camera and take her photo. I can't believe I actually walked away from her while she was sitting. The fact that I walked away meant I was confident that she wouldn't fall over and she didn't! She sat in this position moving her arms a bit without falling over for at least five minutes. This accomplishment just blows me away!

I started getting worried that Emma would fall since I had never seen her sit independently for so long so I put the boppy pillow around her to break any potential fall. She continued watching the TV - she loves Signing Times! - in her sitting position for a while longer and I took more photos. Seeing Emma sit like this seemed so normal. She looks so relaxed sitting on the floor. Emma continues to amaze me every day!

5 Comments from readers:

Unknown said...

Hi its nice to met you and Emma, thanks for the kind words about Jonathan and his accoplishment in saying "I love you" we are very proud.
I am so happy to hear about someone going through HBOT and seeing results, we are going to N.C in may to do HBOT for Jonathan. Emma looks great in sitting position she is a very strong little girl and pretty too!
Do you mind if I put your blog as a link on Jonathans blog, I would love to "follow" you guys!

Anonymous said...

OH Fantastic!!
She looks like she's been doing this for years. I love that you've seen results from HBOT....

Tricia said...

That is amazing!

Tara Bennett said...

HOW EXCITING! My heart skipped a beat and I started beaming with excitement just when I read the title to the post. Then the pictures actually brought tears to my eyes. Hooray! Go Emma!!!!

JNR said...

Emma looks amazing and so comfortable. What progress she and your family have made!