Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Night Owl

Emma is revolting at bedtime lately. And I mean REALLY revolting. She throws a tantrum of terrible two proportions! This is pretty much how the terrible twos is showing up in Emma as she is just a happy child outside of bedtime.

At nap time she laughs happily when I put her down for a nap - so what is the big deal with bed time? I'm not sure, but we have given in a bit (ok, a lot) to her and taken her out of the crib so Julia could fall asleep without Emma's crying. Actually, it's more of a blood curling scream than crying. It's gotten to the point where Julia asks every night when we will be moving so she can have her own room and can fall asleep without listening to Emma scream and cry!

When we break down and take Emma out into the living room she just SHINES. I think the astronauts could see her happy aura from space. It's so wonderful to see her with a megawatt smile scooting around the floor on her back and pretty much laughing at just about anything we do. She really could make your head swell and have you thinking that you are just as great as she thinks you are. She is our biggest fan! And she is just so darn loveable when she is like this!

And then Chris and I realize that we are tired because it's 10:30pm and we've had a full day and would really like Emma to settle into sleep so we could have a few minutes to do our own thing before we collapse into bed. But, alas, it's not to be. It appears we have a night owl on our hands. And since we already know that she is a party animal it seems like we could be in for trouble when she gets older.

Now you know the real reason I have such a fondness for my morning cup of coffee.

3 Comments from readers:

PrayforNathan.org said...

These are definitely my favorite pictures of Emma! She really is glowing! We've been through this with Nathan. We call him Mr Cuteness - when we pull him out of his room he laughs, coos, babbles...he's as happy as can be! But I've learned not to give in, because the more I give in, the more he takes. So now I do my best not to pull him out of his room, and to attend to his needs there and put him back down right away. He's finally getting it!

Anonymous said...

She really does glow in a spectacular way, but especially in these shots! I've got myself a little night owl...he kept me up from 2-6 last night! Coffee is pretty much my life-force these days.

BTW, cochlear says that E's implant is fine, though they are telling us that one of the ground electrodes is out of order and 5 other electrodes need to be shut off. I'm decidedly UNHAPPY.

Tara Bennett said...

These pix are so dang cute! What type of camera do you have? I know you edit your photos, but you also take great shots. I'm in the market for a new camera and need some advice :)