Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving Forward

It's been a while since I've written about all the things that are going on here and, well, the girls just seem to be getting So. Much. Older! Really, when did the get so big? Emma completely lost whatever baby look was left to her and, at well over 3' tall is almost as big as Julia. In fact, they can pretty much wear the same clothes. When did my baby grow up?

Julia is getting so big now, that I'm amazed that she can do everything "myself!" She gets herself dressed, complete with shoes, each morning. She has such adult conversations with me and has taken to going everywhere with her purse and make-up. Then, she asks me why I'm not wearing make-up! Her favorite song is Just Dance by Lady Gaga and asks us to play it for her frequently so she can dance and strike poses that makes Chris go crazy then she laughs and laughs and does more poses. I find this entire routine quite funny, so that just eggs Julia on and Chris finally leaves the room. Julia has also taken to telling me that I'm her girl, calls me Sweetie, and tells me Awww, you did such a good job. Really? Are you 3 or 53?

Here is a video of Julia dancing around one night before bedtime (mind you, she doesn't look a bit tired but I can assure you that I was exhausted).

Other things to comment on:
  • Julia has a favorite imaginary cat named Connie that also has a sister. Julia is the therapist for Connie's sister and writes notes about her progress. She is very busy traveling to see all the babies and doing therapy sessions. Julia has the biggest heart of any 3 year old I know.
  • Julia loves camp/school and is upset every Thursday and Friday morning when she finds out she doesn't go to camp that day. It's great that she loves camp and I've really seen a huge difference in Julia since she started in that she isn't as shy anymore, but I miss her on the days she is at camp or school and look forward to the days when "just us girls" get to hang out together.
  • Emma ROLLED OVER! from her back to her belly - twice. The first time was July 20th (Mom, add that to the book) and the second time was on July 30th. Both times she did it like she's been rolling from her back to belly her whole life rather than us working on it for well over a year! GREAT JOB, Emma!
  • Emma has recently showed a huge interest in crawling. She is making progress on comando crawling when I put my hand at the bottom of her foot so she can use it as leverage to push her foot off and move forward. When she is laying on her belly, she can bend her legs at her knees and keep her feet in the air and even try and reach for items. What progress! We'll continue to work with her and hope that she becomes mobile and we have to childproof the house - can't wait for that!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Great news Emma! She's going for it you guys!