Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emma on the MOVE

Emma has been trying so hard lately to crawl. She has the desire to move, but her arms don't cooperate with her too much. Well, yesterday Emma was on her back on the rug and I turned around for a moment and when I looked at her again she was on her belly! This is only the third time ever she has turned from her back to her belly, so this is still a HUGE deal for us! Then, she started to shimmy her way up the floor. I ran and grabbed the camera after she had gone about a foot. This all happened at the same time that Emma's occupational therapist had just arrived, so she was able to join in the fun of encouraging/helping/watching Emma crawl!

Here is a short video of her making her way - slowly, and with a bit of help - along the floor. She is so motivated and wanted to keep crawling so we did a bit more crawling work with her and Emma even moved her left arm up on her own! I have that on video, too, but not on the one posted below.

Congrats, Emma! I have a strong feeling that you will be much more advanced on this in a month, so we'll have to keep everyone posted. I CAN'T WAIT to have to safety proof this house for you, my darling.

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Anonymous said...

Kristina -
Just saw your query on the CMV support group website and decided to check out your blog, since I have a daughter that is almost the same age as Emma. Abby is 26 1/2 months old and contracted cCMV most likely in my first trimester. Your daughter reminds me so much of Abby. They hold theirs heads to one side in a similar manner, fist in a similar manner and "crawl" in a similar manner. Abby does not have a cochlear implant, but does have bilateral mild hearing loss and wears hearing aides. Abby also has problems with her hips - her right hip was dislocated last year and she had surgery to correct it and now her left hip is trying to come out of the socket and she is scheduled for surgery on that hip as well. We are in Richmond, VA.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

What a great video! Go Emma! I love her smile at the end - she looks pretty proud of herself (and she should be).

Anonymous said...

Wow Emma! She's such a hard-worker and so determined! Love that smile at the end :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love Emma's face and smile when she hears Julia talking to her, Emma looks so happy! I think you are right, in a month from now, she will probably be doing so much more:)

-Shannon A.

The Calm The Storm said...

OMG this is Awesome! Way to go EMMA!!!!!!!!! And doing it all with the cutest smile!