Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grumpy Day

Yesterday I was a bit grumpy. No real reason except that I'm tired. The good news is that Emma's teeth are starting to poke through, so sleep is starting to return to normal. Nothing is better than an uninterrupted night of sleep to help you start the day out right.

So, what makes me grumpy besides lack of sleep? Here are a few things that get under my skin:
  • Martha Stewart Living magazine. In a weak moment I subscribed to this magazine for a year. I've decided that I HATE this magazine and will definitely not renew the subscription. The people in that magazine have way too much time on their hands and I don't need it rubbed in how unorganized and crazy my life really is!
  • Comments on how lucky I am that Chris is so good with Emma. We really are lucky to have each other - I know that. I just wonder how often Chris gets told how lucky he is to have me. I think it's just awful that society considers the woman lucky when the man sticks around in tough situations instead of challenging the men who walk away from them.
  • People who look at me with pity when I'm out and about with the girls. Don't look at us with pity. My girls are amazing. I love having them in my life. If you see me struggling with a door - please open it for me. Be useful but please don't pity us.
My natural personality is to be pretty happy so it takes a bit of effort for me to get into a bad mood. It's funny that I was able to stay so grumpy for the better part of the day. By the evening we went to the Y to swim and, really, who can stay in a bad mood while in the pool?

And now I leave you with some photos that should make you smile if you happen to be a bit grumpy. Enjoy!

2 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

I've been pretty grumpy lately too, but Rich was gone for 3 straight weeks, so that's my excuse I guess. Great observations about the lucky to have a good dad/husband. That gets my goat too.

These pics are GREAT!!

The Calm The Storm said...

Beautiful Darling just Beautiful!