Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Blue Rocks Night

The Variety Club is an amazing charity for children with challenges. They provide fun family events throughout the year at little to no cost for the families and also have grants available to help families obtain some special equipment for children that is not covered by insurance and costs a small fortune to buy (for example, an adapted tricycle is >$1500 each!).

On Friday night we joined the Variety group for a night out at the Blue Rocks game. It was a beautiful, warm night and the girls and I met Chris at the game directly after Emma's pony riding session.

The Variety Club had a picnic dinner all set up, a bucket of goodies for the girls, and even tattoos for the kids. Julia picked a happy face tattoo and Emma chose a rainbow heart.

Once settled into a seat, Julia immediately was on the lookout for Rocky Bluewinkle (aka: THE MOOSE) and decided that she wanted to go home immediately. We were able to convince her to stay by promising THE MOOSE wouldn't come anywhere near her. However, Emma has an amazing power over people and just draws them to her - and Rocky was no exception! So, when Rockly showed up, Emma was happy to flirt with him a bit while Chris took Julia to another section.

I was even surprised that I knew a couple of people at the event. I guess I can finally say that I am starting to develop a small network of families that are walking similar paths.

For me, however, the highlight of my night was when Emma kissed me! My first, unprompted kiss from my Emma Bean!!!!!!! And, Chris captured it on film. My heart melts....

2 Comments from readers:

Anonymous said...

My heart melts just looking at that pic Kristina! Wow! I remember my first kiss from e-boy and yesterday got my first "I love you". Oh, these kids.

I loved your comment last night, thanks for taking so much time to write all your thoughts. It means a lot to me that you're out there reading and understanding. Congrats on the grant for respite care! That's wonderful! We had respite care when Ethan was under 3, but once he aged out of EI it had to stop. Now that he's in school (Yay!) I'm starting to get some rest and hopefully will be back to my old self soon.

Have you been to www.hopefulparents.com? I think you'd like that site. I write there once as month as well, very supportive and friendly environment.

Take care!

The Calm The Storm said...

Cute picture of you and Emma! Looks like fun!